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Dental Instruments

Set of surgical dental instruments

Hands-on research


Topic of this project was to design six dental surgical instruments and a cassette. Every instrument has specific ergonomic and functional requirements resulting from needs of dental surgeons. Aim of the project was to meet the requirements and develop a series of instruments with clear visual language.


Set includes tweezers, scalpel, microscalpel, tunneling knife, raspatory, and needle holder.

First phase of the process was research of current instruments on the market and how the instruments are used. For that reason, I have done a thorough research, watched recorded operations, talked with dentists and took part in a implantology course.

After gathering knowledge about the tools, I have specified important principles to follow throughout the process.


Key principles


Last part of the process was the actual design from first sketches, testing of various prototypes, getting feedback from professional dentists, to finalizing the design.

Rapid prototyping / 3D Print

CAD  modeling




Design also lowers the production cost, by creating universal parts of the handles that then can be used for various instruments.


Surface texture has been developed in alignement with the ergonomic needs (grip, movement, cleaning, slipperiness) of dentists.


Final model

Promotional materials

Last part of this project was creation of promotional flyers for each individual instrument. My design promotes instruments separatly but at the same time flyers work together as united range of products.

Flyer design

Flyer design

This project had been developed at CTU in Prague.

more case studies coming soon

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